Split-Share for Family CSA Project 2018

Split-Share for Family CSA Project 2018


This option is listed for the convenience of families who are splitting a project share with another family. If you're doing this, please fill out the application separately, note the name of the family you're sharing with, and add this Split-Share to your cart for checkout.

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Rather than rent a plot and try to get out there with little ones to weed all summer, bring your kiddos to the farm once a week to harvest and enjoy the bubbling of the creek, the buzz of pollinators, and the beauty of fields in bloom. We’ll do the crop planning, weeding, and succession plantings to keep the good stuff coming. Parents and kids put on their boots to harvest their family’s share of delicious, organic produce and enjoy the beauty of nature. Give your kids shovels so they can dig up purple potatoes, snip a glorious bunch of flowers, and take a deep breath. Ask questions. Share stories. Have a picnic under the blue sky.


Our Commitment to Our 2018 CSA Members:

15 weeks of CSA. We’ll plant and cultivate lots of great food for your family for a 15-week season from June 22nd through September 28th.

Fridays 10am-noon. We’ll provide welcoming spaces on the farm each Friday morning between 10am-noon for family harvest sessions.

Communication. We’ll communicate regularly with signs on the farm and through our member newsletter about what is in season, where to pick, how to harvest.

Education. Kristen will provide personal, friendly education each Friday morning, answering questions, demonstrating how to harvest, and suggesting recipes.