What we grow



Scape season is brief. Super brief. We harvest them all within a week. 

Scape pesto
Scape stirfy
Roasted scapes and green-purple beans

heirloom garlic

When we're talking garlic, there are two major categories: hardneck and softneck. In the field in summer, you can identify a hardneck by it's strong stem and lovely white bulb projecting into the air. On the table, you'll know you're eating a hardneck variety if you're eating the tastiest garlic you've ever had.

There are eight major varieties of garlic plus elephant garlic (a kind of bulbing leek!) If you want a full garlic education, read on!


garlic braids

One of the great joys of garlic growing is braiding softneck varieties into gorgeous arrangements for display all winter. We take 13 heads of garlic with their soft psuedo-stems and leaves and braid them together to create fresh-from-the-garden art you can eat.