We’ll be looking for two great people to join us on the farm in 2020, so please check back November 1, 2019 for an application for next season!

Internship Description

In 2020 we will offer two internships/apprenticeships on our organic flower and vegetable farm just north of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Your contribution to the work of the farm will be essential and valuable. You’ll see the following production system and equipment at work:

  • 30” permanent raised beds with some no-till beds

  • BCS walking tractor for prepping beds & flipping after harvest

  • Jang seeder for direct seeded crops

  • Farmer's Friend 15’ x 100’ tunnels with trellises for our heat-loving crops

  • Tend software for planning and recordkeeping

  • on-farm CSA model

  • direct sales at Farmer’s Market

  • wholesale flowers to our local growers cooperative

The internship is 40 hours per week with at least one full day off per week. The internship includes weekend stints at the farmer’s market. We are seeking two interns this season: #1 (April-September 5th) and #2 (May 4th-September 5th, which follows the University of Michigan calendar).

Educational Opportunities

If you're interested in particular parts of farming (business planning, crop planning, technical info on crop production, hoophouses, greenhouse work, tractor repair, etc.), let us know during the interview and we'll do all we can to share what we know and give you opportunities to practice.  During the months you're here, we'd also love to share our favorite books, podcasts, Tend software, and online learning resources.


Prior experience in farm-scale production strongly preferred. If you have prior experience with seeding, greenhouse work, transplanting, pruning and trellising, let us know on your application.

We're seeking positive, curious folks who:

  • are available for the entire internship period (April-August or May-August)

  • are reliable, prompt, courteous, and have experience working full-time at something challenging and rewarding

  • ask questions when uncertain how to do something

  • are motivated to learn as much as possible and get things done

  • love sharing stories and good conversation, but can also work independently for several hours when needed

  • enjoy being around children and feel comfortable working with kids and their families at the farm

  • love sunshine, hard work, and learning new things

    Housing and Stipends

    We will provide shared housing for both interns in our 700 sq ft one bedroom/one bath apartment on the farm. Interns are encouraged to harvest and eat from the gardens and enjoy flower bouquets! We also provide a weekly stipend to help with living expenses.


This work brings me (Kristen) so much joy, and I am very grateful to be farming. In order to successfully contribute to the farm’s triple bottom line, and to learn as much as possible from the experience, interns need a willingness to:

Work in all weather. Farm work requires strong backs and happy hearts. Farm conditions are typically hot and sweaty, but we also work in the wind and the rain. Our passive solar hoophouses heat up quickly in full sun. It’s kind of like Bikram Yoga!

Get dirty. Dirt will accumulate under your fingernails and tomato juices will stain your skin green. Most folks get a workout and leave with drenched t-shirts & sore muscles. There will almost certainly be mud on your boots during rainy seasons.

Bring a great attitude in the face of challenge. Realistically, there will be days on the farm when a storm is rolling in and we need to work quickly so we can get the flowers out of the field before they are destroyed by wind and rain. There will also be days when my little ones melt down and I need to cut out early to go make them lunch.

Be reliable, honest, and thorough. In winter we design the farm’s crop plan and program offerings based on available resources. We are counting on you to plant, cultivate, and harvest vegetables and flowers in order to fulfill our mission of providing great organic produce to our community. The work of the farm requires that folks are committed to arriving on time and staying until the end. We’ve heard of other farms having trouble with folks cutting out midway through an internship, and we really don’t want that to happen on our farm. We want the work to be good and joyful for the whole crew. That’s the only way we can make this little farm go!

If you’ve read the description above and want to apply for our 2020 Internship, click below.

Sweet potato planting
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