Join Our 2018 Garlic CSA- Two Options!

Your choice to become a member is a huge encouragement as we do the work of sustainable farming. Nine months after we lovingly placed each clove in the ground by hand,  the barn will be full to the rafters of 30 varieties of garlic drying for you! 

CSAs were designed to support small farmers and to build community around local food. There are seasons when certain varieties fail, flooding delays harvest, acts of the universe change a farmer's best plans, but I pledge to do my very best to deliver the highest quality produce to the individuals and families supporting our farm through membership. You will receive our warmest gratitude and the best we can grow. 

With love for the earth and for this community,



1. Market-Style Garlic CSA Membership

Buy a farm credit for $100 in advance of the season, and we'll give you a 10% bonus. We'll keep a farm card on file for you to buy whatever you'd like from Raindance this season.

  • Cost per share is $100. 
  • If signing up before May 1, 2018, you will receive $110 credit (a 10% bonus!) to purchase anything we grow.
  • You purchase what you wish from us when you wish with your credit.
  • Benefits include CSA member-only time at our annual August and September barn sales, the option to pre-order garlic braids, availability of green garlic in May,  an invitation to the CSA member potluck (date TBD), plus extra love from us. 

 2. The Whole Garlic Box

This is the answer for folks who want an annual supply of beautiful locally-grown, organic garlic all at once! We hear from lovers of local produce that life can get busy. You want to support local farms and organic growers, but sometimes you just need a convenient option!

The Whole Box CSA cost is $50. You can expect to receive a gorgeous selection of garlic bulbs for fresh use and winter storage in September 2018. For our 2018 harvest we've planted 24 varieties at market scale plus 6 trial varieties. If the trials are successful, we may ask for your taste test feedback!

You are welcome to pickup The Whole Box on the farm if you'd like to visit, and we'll also offer market pickup and shipping right to your kitchen. Details will be emailed to you in late summer after the harvest is in.  


Thank for your support!