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 Raindance Organic Farm

2019 Family CSA Project


Dates: July 7- September 22*

Member Harvests: Thursdays 9:30-11:30am

or Sundays 4-6pm with optional potluck

Your membership in this season’s project includes an opportunity to harvest your family’s share of produce each week. It also includes time and space to explore the farm alongside your children. You are welcome to bring along grandparents, out-of-town guests, neighbors, etc as your guests. Each week we’ll provide a Harvest List of what is included in your share that week. Maps of the farm will be available to help you find crops.

Member Harvest & Potluck

This year on Sunday evenings we’re excited to host potluck dinners on the farm during the 4-6pm harvest time. We’re building a few picnic tables this winter, and we hope you’ll bring extra blankets, dishware, and some of your favorite food! There is no pressure to share a meal if you’re out of time, but we’d love for you to join us while we slow down, eat a casual potluck dinner, and talk all things life and family while our kids run around eating cucumbers from the hoophouse.

The season is 12 weeks, but the farm will be closed on Thursday, July 4th and Sunday, August 25th. We think most folks won’t be able to make it on the July 4th holiday, so we’re hosting one Opening Day on Sunday, July 7th so everyone has a chance to meet each other. Parking will be tight, but we think it’s worth it! Sunday, August 25th the farm will we be closed while we attend Holler Fest, a fantastic family-friendly music festival at Frog Holler Organic Farm in Brooklyn, Michigan. (We’ve been attending since our kiddos were toddlers, and if your family likes music & good food, we encourage you to check it out!)


Each week I will post a Harvest List in the project’s private Facebook page. We’ll also have some paper copies of the Harvest List and farm maps on hand when you arrive.

Occasionally, when there is unusually important information to share, we’ll send a group email. (If you use gmail, please drag to your Primary box so you don’t miss us!)

Growing Practices

Our farm is certified organic by Oregon Tilth and we seek to grow food in a way that protects these precious shared resources that will be here long after we are gone. We became stewards of this land in spring of 2018. We have been working hard to build healthy soil, manage for problematic perennials, rotate crops, minimize agricultural single-use plastics, and distribute the bulk of our produce very locally. If you have any specific questions about our growing practices, please ask!

Considering Bringing

Most families find it useful to keep a farm basket handy in their car or by the back door to grab for harvest time. Consider packing:

  • Kitchen shears or garden pruners

  • Container to hold your flowers with water safely for the ride home

  • Harvest basket

  • Water bottles

  • Sunscreen & sun protection

  • Boots-- the paths can be quite muddy from rain or irrigation

  • Garden gloves

  • Towel or change of clothes for the ride home for kiddos who love mud and hoses

Parking on the Farm

We have parking space for about 25 vehicles on the farm. We ask that you bring one vehicle, or park any second vehicles (necessary perhaps when grandparents or guests are joining you) along Jennings Rd to ensure that all members are accommodated.

If you have a young child who is napping when you arrive, or who might fall asleep and want to rest in your car during your visit, please feel free to park between the two barns so you can hear and/or easily check on your little one.

Absence at Member Harvest

Please feel free to send a friend or neighbor in your place if you’ll be out-of-town, encounter illness, or just can’t make it one week. Kindly send off a quick email note letting me know who to expect so we can help them find their way around the farm.

We do not have available labor or facilities to pick, wash, and pack members’ shares to be held for later pickup. The crop plan and Family CSA Project were designed from the beginning to be harvested by families and we hope that experience alongside your children is awesome!


The farm is open between 9:30-11:30am on Thursdays and 4-6pm on Sundays unless there are thunderstorms or tornadoes. If rain is forecasted and it’s practical for your family, please come in rain gear and go for it! If heavy rain and storms are in the forecast and you’ve got infants or toddlers for whom wet weather harvesting isn’t practical, please let me know when you arrive and I’ll do my best to help you!

Farm Spaces

We are happy to welcome your family to this natural space! Please feel free to walk, wander, and hike through the farm’s 18 acres. A portion of our northern field holds this year’s garlic crop, and you’re welcome to check it out anytime. Feel free to walk trails you find or let your children play in the creek if you are inclined.

Please do not allow your children to enter the barns, silos, or the hoophouse. These spaces are not safe. As a working farm we use a great deal of dangerous equipment-- tractors, sharp tools, gasoline and propane, heavy fence posts, etc. We will close the barn doors during member harvest time each week, but we ask that you set clear expectations with your children regarding this farm rule. (Sorry to lay down the law on this one-- we just want everyone to be safe!)

Water & Restrooms

Kindly do not drink water from the well pumps, sinks, or hoses in the barnyard. These water sources are great for sprinkler play or washing produce, but they are not safe for drinking.

We are opening the restroom on the first floor of our family home (the white farmhouse) for use during member harvest times. Families, and especially the youngest among us, are also welcome to use camping restroom practices (ie. squat behind a bush) while on the farm if that’s more convenient than walking across the farm. (Many of us are toilet training!) For health and sanitation, we ask that you make sure to stay at least 100 feet away from fields growing produce. If #2 is in the works, please do make sure to use the indoor restroom in the house to keep our food crops clean and edible.


We understand that life happens and this season of parenting brings many unexpected turns. If your family is unable to attend harvest or needs to cancel your membership mid-season, kindly send me an email. The financial commitment made at the beginning of the season was used in spring to purchase seeds, compost, soil amendments, tools, and supplies. In the event a family cannot continue, the farm is unable to refund member’s financial commitments, but we are happy to welcome another family if you’d like to transfer your membership to a friend or neighbor.

CSA Risks & Rewards

Farming is a seasonal and unpredictable venture. CSA Members join with Kristen and the farm in both the possible risks of farming (flooding, drought, pests, disease) and also the benefits (a bountiful season, complete transparency on the farm, relationship with the people and land, and the community of membership).  

We have given it our all to grow a diverse mix of farm bounty to feed our members this summer. We’ve planted 35+ vegetables and fruits plus 16 varieties of tomatoes and 24 of garlic! We’ve also tucked 30 kinds of flowers into the good earth. Some will fail, many will grow, and we hope to celebrate all of this messy process with you. Thank you for your trust and faith in us as we seed, plant, water, weed, and tend this patch of earth.

Member Pledge

I understand that as a member of the CSA I share in the risks of farming and the possibility of both crop failure and crop abundance. I also understand this project is a member-harvested CSA and that I and my family will harvest most of the share ourselves out in the field.

I agree to be responsible for the safety of myself, my children, and any guests while we are on the farm. I understand this is a working farm with real tools, tractors, fencing, etc. and I agree to keep my children out of the barns and silos.

I am aware of good practices for safe enjoyment of the farm- wearing good footwear, staying hydrated, using sun protection, checking for ticks after walking through fields.

I understand it is important to wash hands after touching animals on the farm (chickens, ducks, toads, snakes, etc.) and before harvesting vegetables.

I understand this is a small family farm seeking to serve its community. Knowing that the farmers are making all reasonable efforts to keep the farm safe for visitors, I agree to hold Raindance Organic Farm, its farmers, employees, or volunteers harmless for any injuries to myself or my children on the farm. I’ll follow good safety practices and watch over my children during our visits.

I’m in for better or worse in this 2019 Family CSA Project and I’m ready to join the hoopin’ and hollerin’ together with a community of folks who care about good food and this good earth!

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*No member harvest on Sunday, August 25th due to Holler Fest at Frog Holler Organic Farm!