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Family CSA Project 2018
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This option is listed for the convenience of families who are splitting a project share with another family. If you're doing this, please fill out the application separately, note the name of the family you're sharing with, and add this Split-Share to your cart for checkout.

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The vision of this year’s pilot-project CSA:

  1. We welcome children to the farm and provide opportunities for them to absorb values around great nutrition, land stewardship, the value of community and kindness, and the calming effects of nature and the outdoors.
  2. We share beautiful, high-quality, certified organic produce at a great value with local families.
  3. Our family is creating a setting for environmental and economic sustainability on this piece of earth and we welcome our members as partners in that journey.
  4. We  live in a vibrant community sharing values around food, stewardship, kindness, and love of the outdoors.