Volunteering on the Farm

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Do we need help?

Yes! Oh, so much help! Now that we've become stewards of new land, we're throwing ourselves into farm and field design, infrastructure building, and cover cropping and planting.

Many fabulous folks have asked if they can visit the farm this month or in spring before the Family CSA Project opens. We'd love to meet you (!), but we also want to make sure the farm is the welcoming and safe space for children and families that we've promised. 

    We do not have any dates or times for volunteer opportunities on the calendar yet, but sign up for our email list if you'd like to know about opportunities:

    In the future we can imagine many opportunities for volunteers during the busiest times of our season:

    • May: spreading compost, preparing beds, planting, mulching
    • June: more planting, cultivating
    • July: garlic harvest! 
    • October: our annual cider & garlic party-- crack garlic heads to prepare cloves for planting while your kiddos take a spin on the apple cider press wheel to squeeze some fresh cider you can take home