Ann Arbor Farmer's Market


Raindance Online Farmstand

Saturdays, 7am-3pm. Kerrytown district in Ann Arbor. We have a stall at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s market every Saturday June through the end of September from 7am-3pm. Because we are a newer farm, we do not have market seniority and that means our booth location changes every week, but if you need help finding us (and our garlic!), you can always ask in the market office for our location and we often post where we are on our farm Facebook page.


We begin taking orders through our Online Farmstand July 1st for our certified organic garlic in 24 varieties. Shipping for all orders begins August 14th, and will be done on a first come first served basis. We ship our garlic via USPS across the country. We ship once a week and your garlic will arrive within 4 days of shipping.


Argus Farm Stop

We seasonally stock both Argus Farm Stop locations in Ann Arbor with our green garlic, garlic scapes, and garlic bulbs. We love that it's open year-round and is very convenient for our friends and neighbors who live in town!

Open Weekdays 7:00-7:00, Saturdays 7:00-6:00, Sundays 8:00-6:00! 

Liberty Argus: 325 West Liberty Ann Arbor 48103

Packard Argus: 1200 Packard Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

This amazing LC3 company formed to support the local organic foodshed surrounding Ann Arbor.  It offers the widest variety of locally produced food around and is a huge support to local farmers. In their words:

"We are a YEAR-ROUND, EVERY DAY Farmer's Market. We're the next generation of the farmer's market model.

Over 140 farms and producers sell their products at Argus. Our farms OWN their products, they PRICE their products, and they receive 80% of the sale price. It's a simple model designed to grow consumer access to locally grown foods."