Our small family farm exists to serve our community by growing great organic produce & flowers and by connecting children and adults with the beauty of nature and the gifts of wellness.

We do this through a program called the Family Community Supported Agriculture Project. We plant and cultivate 80+ vegetables and flowers and open the farm twice each week for Project members to gather in the gardens and harvest their own share of produce and flowers July through September.

We also grow large crops of certified organic heirloom garlic and cut flowers, offering them for sale at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market on Saturdays 7am-3pm May through September and at Argus Farm Stop in Ann Arbor seven days of the week.

We offer a Flower Field Pass for folks to come to the farm at their leisure on Thursdays or Sundays and harvest bouquets of flowers to take home.

We are very grateful for the ways this work brings greater connectedness and community in our lives. Thank you for eating our vegetables, enjoying our flowers, spending time on the farm, and joining in the hoopin’ and hollerin’ of community supported agriculture! The world needs more of this!


With love for the earth and this community,

Kristen Muehlhauser

The Most Recent Farm Photos

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