On 2017 on a family road trip, we brainstormed farm names. We wanted it to be immediately clear to anyone visiting or purchasing food from our farm that our growing practices are grounded in caring deeply for our good earth. Every creature on the planet is fed from the soil, air, and water we share, and these common resources on this tiny sliver of biosphere around our planet are literally all we have to survive. And all our children will have.

Organic certification is an undertaking. Learn the regulations, follow all of them, record it all, and demonstrate compliance to a certifying agency. It takes a crazy amount of the time share for a small family farm growing diverse crops. But we persisted and are happy to share that by the power invested in Oregon Tilth we are officially Certified Organic.

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Raindance Organic Farm

2015 E. North Territorial Rd

Whitmore Lake, MI 48189