becoming a small business owner

I'm motivated to join the small organic farm movement because I love vegetables and earth work. Small business ownership comes with the deal. My goal for this first season is to answer the question: "Is farming sustainable work for me in the context of my family and my community?"

To be sustainable I've got to figure out the business side of growing food. It means logging way too many hours on screens this summer doing all of the behind-the-scenes tasks that make a dream into a small business. 

Corporation filing. Check.

Business plan written. Check.

Accounting information meeting. Check. (And shout out to SME Business Associates on Jackson Road in Ann Arbor-- they're fantastic to work with!)

Website launched. CSA options designed. IRS EIN application filed. Social media launched. Business checking account initiated. Check. Scout the markets. Check. Design logo. Half-check. Apply to Argus Farm Stop. Almost check.

<I pause for reflection.>

Then I go back to the field. Smell the garlic. Cut some flowers. Spend a whole day with other aspiring farmers, and my mom, talking about flowers.

The smell of the earth and the explosion of color and the good conversation-- these are what I came for. If all of these hours on Google Sheets gets me more time out there in the wild air with wet boots and a friend to share conversation, then it'll be worth it.